Vegetarians Are Not Second-Class Citizens!

I am a vegetarian who likes good food and nice restaurants.  When I travel to a new city, I want to eat in that city's best restaurants -- the same places frequented by non-vegetarians.  I don't want to be relegated to the often "separate but unequal" vegan sandwich shop or local health food market with a salad bar, yet many vegetarian travel websites out there direct you to such places.  What I have found, with a little extra research, is that many stellar restaurants offer excellent vegetarian food.  In fact, some restaurants not only offer such items and clearly mark them on their regular menus, but they also provide separate vegetarian menus upon request.

What Is This Website About?

This website will highlight the best restaurants (in my opinion) where vegetarians can get a hearty and healthy protein-rich meal in Washington, DC, and in other places that I visit.  Unlike other vegetarian travel websites, this website will not focus on restaurants that are exclusively vegetarian or vegan, unless of course they are really, really nice restaurants -- like Karyn's on Green in Chicago.  Instead, I will focus on first-class non-vegetarian restaurants that not only accommodate vegetarians, but cater to them.

The DC Standard

I live and work in Washington, DC, which consistently has been recognized as a top vacation destination in the United States AND the most veg-friendly city in North America.  Although this latter honor no doubt has to do with specialty places like Sticky Fingers vegan bakery, I would like DC to be recognized more for all of its finer dining venues that go out of their way to include vegetarians in their customer base.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate places like Sticky Fingers and they definitely serve a purpose -- a good place for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack -- but those aren't the places where I'm going to have a romantic dinner or plan a friend's birthday party.  On the Washington, DC Restaurants page you will find a list of my favorite, local vegetarian-friendly restaurants and recommended menu items.  As you will see, there are a lot, and I appreciate that I am a bit spoiled living in this great city, so that's why DC is the standard (fair or not) by which I compare other places when I travel.

Who Am I?

I am not a food critic, travel writer, or experienced blogger.  I am a DC lawyer who likes to travel and eat good food in nice restaurants.  I am also a city dweller, so on the Washington, DC Restaurants page and in my DC Spotlight blog series, you will only find information about restaurants in DC (not Maryland or Virginia).  Also, and importantly, my version of vegetarianism means no meat, pork, poultry, or seafood.  In sum, I don't eat animals, and that includes animal biproducts like chicken stock and fish sauce.  But I am not a vegan.  Although I try to avoid dairy as much as possible (no milk or ice cream, for sure), I do consume eggs and cheese, and the information posted on this website will reflect that.  Finally, because my regular dining partner suffers from a number of food allergies (including gluten, nuts, and seeds), I often choose restaurants based on their ability to accommodate those restrictions as well.  When such accommodations are made, I usually will note that in my posts.