Sunday, May 10, 2015

DC Spotlight: Veggie Dogs at Nationals Park

I am a huge Washington Nationals baseball fan, so in celebration of today's three-game sweep of the Atlanta Braves, I am including a post about vegetarian options at Nationals Park.   

While the food may not be first class, the team (in my biased opinion) certainly is, and it makes me very happy that vegetarian fans who pay good money to see a game are not treated like second-class citizens.  In fact, last year PETA ranked the Nats ballpark fifth in its list of most vegetarian-friendly ballparks!  As indicated on the Nationals website, plenty of meat-free eats are available throughout the park.  On a cold night at the beginning or end of the season (or during the playoffs, because hey, we're talking about the Nats here!), a cup of vegetarian chili from Ben's Chili Bowl really hits the spot.  

(Photo from Ben's Chili Bowl website)
But during the hot summer months, I usually stop by the Field of Greens concession stand in Section 136, which is entirely vegetarian.  

And because a baseball game just wouldn't be the same without one, I always pick up a veggie dog! 

While I am hopeful that one day veggie dogs will be available throughout the park (as I found they were at Citi Field in New York when I took in a Nats-Mets game a couple of years ago), I am content for now that I can find them at Field of Greens.  

Go Nats!