Monday, December 29, 2014

DC Spotlight: Sundays at Thai X-ing on 9th Street

For years, friends would tell me that I just had to try the delicious home-cooked vegetarian Thai food at Thai X-ing (pronounced "Thai Crossing").  And for years, I declined -- for one reason only:  the "restaurant" reportedly was the chef's living room, and the living room reportedly was a favorite hangout of the chef's cats.  No thanks.  But my years of waiting are over, because Thai X-ing recently opened a new location near the corner of the 9th and U Streets in a bona fide, first-class restaurant space.

Sunday nights are 100% vegetarian (no fish sauce!), and for only $30.00, you get an unbelievable nine-course meal.  Although the new space has a full bar, everybody brings their own bottle(s) of wine, because a $5.00 corkage fee in DC simply can't be beat.  The menu is prix fixe (chef's choice, although I'm told the menu does not vary much from week to week, and the famous pumpkin curry is a staple), and most dishes are naturally vegan and gluten-free.  Everything is fresh, spicy, and delicious.  The only challenge may be getting a reservation, which should be done in advance on the restaurant's website.  See below for some pictures of my unforgettable vegetarian Thai feast.

Papaya salad and vegetable soup

Starting at the bottom and going clockwise: noodle salad, pineapple curry tofu, pumpkin curry, mushroom string bean tofu, and a side of brown rice with beans (not pictured:  vegetable stir fry)

Drunken rice noodles
For dessert, sticky coconut rice with mango

Thai X-Ing on Urbanspoon