Monday, November 26, 2012

DC Spotlight: Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast at Rasika

I had a perfect (albeit very nontraditional) Thanksgiving meal this year at one of DC's most popular restaurants.  Rasika is a true first-class restaurant that consistently ranks among the city's top ten (right behind CityZen, which I wrote about here).

Rasika serves modern Indian cuisine in two beautiful spaces.  I spent Thanksgiving with friends at the newer and slightly more upscale West End location (I usually dine at the Penn Quarter location, which is great for lunch).  My holiday feast is pictured below, although everything on the menu is delicious.

Palak chaat (crispy baby spinach, yogurt, tamarind, and date)
TIP:  This is Rasika's most famous dish (and it's vegetarian!)

Butternut squash samosas (with ginger, green chilies, and cranberry chutney)

Wild mushroom uttapam (on top of a rice and lentil pancake and served with beetroot chutney)
Vegetable biryani (aromatic seasonal vegetables, basmati rice, and raita)
Dal dhungaree (smoked lentils, garlic, tomatoes, and fenugreek)

Gobhi mattar (cauliflower, green peas, cumin, and ginger)

Paneer tamatar ka kofta (cottage cheese, cashews, and tomato)
Assorted naan (leavened bread)
TIP:  Try the garlic!
TIP:  For dinner at either location, make reservations far in advance.

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