Saturday, July 14, 2012

DC Spotlight: Special Occasions at CityZen

For special occasions and deep pockets only, head to CityZen, located inside the swanky Mandarin Oriental Hotel in southwest DC, and order the chef's six-course vegetarian tasting menu, which changes daily. 

The food, of course, is delicious (each dish is a work of art), but you pay for the outstanding service, which allows you to enjoy a leisurely meal in an elegant setting with a highly professional wait staff that anticipates your every need.  Getting up to use the restroom?  No problem, someone will pull your chair out and escort you there.  Have a food allergy?  The chefs will customize each dish to accommodate your dietary restrictions.  Drop your napkin?  A fresh one will appear within seconds.  Celebrating your birthday?  You will be showered with extra attention, including a birthday card signed by the entire restaurant staff, a special dessert, and a personalized souvenir menu to take home with you. 

I recently dined there for the first time (and the last, at least until I can replenish my savings account).  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but the pictures below taken with my cell phone will give you an idea of their unique dishes.  I've also included a copy of the vegetarian tasting menu for the day I was there, which describes each dish pictured beneath it (minus the cheese selection).

Chilled sorrell soup

Vidalia onion gratin

Yukon gold potato and English pea empanada

Carrot and ginger crepe souffle
"Chicken spice" braised tenderheart cabbage

CityZen floating island

TIP:  If you plan on celebrating a special occasion at CityZen, call the restaurant in advance and let them know so that they can help make the evening extra special for the guest of honor.

UPDATE:  Sadly, CityZen closed in December 2014.

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