Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chicago, Illinois (April 2012)

As explained on the About page of this website, I started this blog to highlight first-class non-vegetarian restaurants that cater to vegetarians.  I felt this was necessary because, in my opinion, most cities' vegetarian restaurants (if any) are often inferior in quality and in style to those cities' finest restaurants.  In Chicago, however, there are at least two first-class restaurants -- Karyn's on Green and Green Zebra -- that are exclusively vegetarian (or, in the case of the former, which serves an excellent portobello steak, exclusively vegan). 

If, however, you are traveling with or visiting meat-loving Midwestern relatives, you might need an alternative dining plan.  So, here are two first-class restaurants in Chicago that both you and your non-vegetarian friends and family can enjoy together.

Sable Kitchen & Bar offers numerous creative, meat-free small plates (not to mention an endless list of cocktails and wines) in a sophisticated and energetic setting.  As explained on its website, the restaurant gladly caters to diners with special dietary needs, including vegetarians:

Everything I tried at Sable delicious, although there were so many dishes to choose from that I did not get a chance to sample everything that I would have liked (but hope to do so the next time I'm in town).  Of the dishes I did try, I especially loved the mini wild mushroom burgers and the South Indian vegetable curry.  

Mini wild mushroom veggie burgers and marinated olives at Sable

The South Indian vegetable curry at Sable is made with sweet potatoes, cilantro, and basmati rice.  Yum!

Potato and cheese pierogi at Sable

Shanghai Terrace is also excellent.  It offers upscale Chinese cuisine and outstanding service in an elegant setting.  The menu includes many vegeterian dim sum, appetizers, and entrees, although they claim that everything on the menu can be made vegetarian.  I tried the already-vegetarian vegetable dumpling, happy red rice, and home style bean curd, and they were all fantastic. 

Happy red rice at Shanghai Terrace

Home style bean curd at Shanghai Terrace
Sable Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

Shanghai Terrace on Urbanspoon